Communication and Touch Screen Come to Fruition

Been a while since the last post, but we have been hard at work!

As far as communication goes:

We implemented a call and response technique that allows the system to make sure a module is listening before it sends a command, and to resend any commands that were misread or didn’t make it. Below, one Arduino sends the “Turn LED on” command to another Arduino, and after 5 wireless communication sends, the information is sent.

We have also made leeway on the touch screen. We will be doing all of the programming within the 4DGL language using serial communication to communicate with the Rabbit processor. Below, the touchscreen displays a button (which can be pressed to navigate to the next screen) that was created using the 4DGL language:


From here to the end of the semester we hope to:

  • Interface the Rabbit with the Arduino instead of Arduino-Arduino communication.
  • Hook up this application to the sample relay used earlier.
  • Get a basic touch interface working.
  • Get accurate current, temperature, and motion readings.

All of these goals will be on breadboards, since next semester we plan on fabricating boards for use. Be back with more updates this month


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