Voltage Peaks and Simulating Humans

We’ve been working on 3 important things so far this semester:

  • Getting a current reading.
    We have been working on an amplification scheme that is based off of:
    Since we have a 2.5V centered signal coming out of each ACS771, this circuit will be used to find the peaks of the 60HZ sine wave and read that into the socket module. This is shown in the video below:

  • Optimizing the uGrid’s algorithm.
    There will be a ton of different applications that you can plug into uGrid, and we want to control them differently. We’ve begun categorizing all of the possible different appliances into how they can be controlled, and will be turning that into program rules this month.
  • Simulating a house.
    Or rather, as the title says, simulating people. This is probably the most interesting program any of us have ever written. It is written in Python, currently around 400 lines of code, and here is how it works: 

    1. In the simulation there is a world which contains houses which contain rooms which contain appliances.
    2. There are people within the house that can do actions. An example would be if someone wants to watch TV, they could.
    3. People accurately travel throughout the house. They have personalities which dictate whether or not they will leave something on when walking around, and the house actually has a map that the people can navigate.
    4. Throughout the day, the house accumulates its power totals. There is still a fairly limited amount of appliances, but when this is done we will post what assumptions we make about the house.
    5. The simulation can be run by itself or with the uGrid system.

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